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Lucy Indelicate is based at Antwerp Mansion Arts Centre and studios in Manchester, standing as Creative Director since 2019. Lucy is the founder of West Art Collective and a co-founder of the Zero-Cost Exhibition Programme.

Lucy's paintings attempt to collapse the link between ideas of sexual repression and anti-pornographic feminists, leading to sexual expression being blanketed as anti-feminist. Participating in painting composition has led to taking personal control of the camera and direction, subverting the assumption of mainstream pornography and presenting the imagery as amateur not to be confused with reality pornography. This allows a distance from pornography and begins to open conversation about sex in aid to erase stigma surrounding gynaecological anatomy.

Neapolitan Ice Cream.jpg
Double Anal Penetration.jpg
I Broke my Vibrator.jpg
Nice, normal girls don't get their genit
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