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Born in 1976 in Poland, Agnieszka graduated from art college in Jaroslaw, Poland with a degree in painting and ceramics and was one of the winners of the German Paderborn Volksbank Young European Artist award in 2001. Agnieszka uses painting and drawing as the means for her artistic expression.


Agnieszka’s drawings form an integral part of her pictures, providing the counterpoint to the areas of paint. Her eye hovers over our everyday life, concentrating on people and their emotional experiences. She portrays women caught up in various situations and connected to their environment by the means of an apparently trivial prop, a gesture or a glance. Occasionally, the women are accompanied by another figure and subsequently, a story is born.

_Agnieszka Handzel _Look at my lashes ma
_Agnieszka_Handzel_Not Saint, by choice_
_Agnieszka Handzel _ Scream_jpg3.JPG
_Agnieszka Handzel _On the phone_jpg2.JP
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