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Antonia Penia is a London-based photographer and creative director, originally from Spain. Antonia's work explores themes of mental health, identity, sensuality, censorship and our connection to the natural world and thus the importance of its conservation.


In the series Sex is Earth, the subject is a non-binary human being that through the earth and nature recognises their sex and connects through it, creating a metamorphosis between them and a feeling of love, purity, freedom arises.


The photographer stands aside in the relationship between the subject and nature. With an objective vision and letting that dance flow between them. This series were taken in October 2020 in the New Forest, England.

Antonia Penia_SexistheEarth_5.jpg
Antonia Penia_SexistheEarth_3.jpg
Antonia Penia_SexistheEarth_2.jpg
Antonia Penia_SexistheEarth_4.jpg
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