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Giulia Gr is a Berlin based visual artist. She mainly works with photography and self-portraiture. Identity, sexuality, intimacy and self-love are at the centre of Giulia’s personal research.

Her photographic archives are compilations of emotions. As much as a written journal she considers her visual diary as a ‘safe space’ where she can “vomit my feelings, be exposed and unburden a heavy heart. Desire, fear, unbalanced mental health and relationships. I uncover my vulnerability, though through it I gain strength.” Perpetually attracted to the rawness of bodies and their gentleness, Giulia uses her body as a tool for self-discovery and expression. She owns its narrative, she moulds it, she reinvents it.

giulia gr_confinment thisle_02.jpg
giulia gr_self portrait in my room in mo
giulia gr_serena healing her
giulia gr_self portrait in my semi empty
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